Neil Rockind Achieves A Not Guilty In One Of The Biggest Cases of His Career

On May 31st, 2017, a jury in Oakland County found Charles Warren not guilty of Reckless Driving Causing Death, Leaving the Scene of an Accident Causing Death, and Careless Driving Causing Death, in a case that received national attention. Mr. Warren was accused of these crimes after a car/motorcycle accident in 2015 that unfortunately took the life of Trooper Chad Wolf, a career Michigan State Police Trooper. By all accounts, Trooper Wolf was a good man and a fine police officer and there is no doubt that his death was a horrific tragedy. However, had Mr. Warren been found guilty, a second horrific tragedy would have occurred: namely, the conviction of an innocent man. Luckily, that tragedy was averted. In an extremely emotion final day of trial, the jury ultimately delivered three “not guilty” verdicts. You can read about the case from any of the myriad of news articles below.


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