Do Not Doubt Rockind Law

I’m a bit biased and what I’m about to say may make me sound a bit narcissistic, but I never doubt what our firm, ROCKIND LAW, is capable of – and neither should you. Day in and day out, Neil Rockind, Noel Erinjeri, Breanna Weiner and myself represent individuals who are looking for the best possible outcome to their case. Of course, we can never guarantee anyone any specific result in any given case. However, what we can guarantee is that they will not find any firm that is better suited (we only handle criminal matters) to defend them during what is likely to be the worst event they will ever experience; that nobody else will do as much preparation, analysis, and strategizing as Rockind Law. We get results. It really is that simple. From the first time drunk driver looking for either a dismissal or a lenient sentence, to the person charged with serious felonies looking to avoid a conviction or a prison sentence – we fight like nobody else – in EVERY. SINGLE. CASE. We file motions and briefs on every single legal issue we can come up with. We put pressure on the prosecutors and city attorneys. We argue until we are blue in the face. We make judges decide difficult legal issues. We never give an inch – and when it is your life on the line – every inch counts. It is telling that the vast majority of our clients are referred to us by past clients and other lawyers. Who would know better than they what we are capable of? It may be even more telling that we substitute out other lawyers/law firms in cases several times every week/month. When people need results, when it’s the bottom of the 9th, with two outs, there’s a runner on first base, and they are down by a run – we are the Designated Hitter.

This may be best exemplified by an individual that called our office six weeks ago. He was charged with pulling a gun on his sister during an argument. Specifically he was charged with Felonious Assault (involving a handgun) and Assault and Battery. He came to us in desperation. He knew he had done nothing wrong. He knew the allegations were b.s. He knew he was innocent. He just needed a lawyer who believed him and believed in him; a lawyer who would fight as hard as possible to ensure that he was not wrongfully convicted of these crimes.

He met with our office and like a lot of people he had important questions: What outcome could we achieve? What potential sentence could he receive if convicted? How would we look out for him and his interests? Could we get the case dismissed? Would he have to go to trial? How could he be sure he was making the right choice in hiring our firm? All great questions and all questions that could not be answered up front.

Yet we told him the truth: “No lawyer can guarantee you a specific outcome, but hire us and we guarantee you that nobody will work harder than us at getting you the best result possible. Give us the bat, and we will drive in the winning run. Do not doubt what we are capable of.”

Six weeks later, following a lot of determination, strategizing and consistent pressure by our firm, we hit that game winning home-run. The prosecutor’s office threw in the towel; they contacted us and told us that they were dismissing the entire case. They didn’t want to (in fact, they offered several other resolutions, all of which were turned down), but we left them no choice. The prosecutor’s office didn’t even make it to the preliminary examination. And now our client is free.

Do not doubt Rockind Law.


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