Domestic Violence DISMISSAL!

One of the types of cases that we specialize are Domestic Violence cases. You can check out our domestic violence website here:

In nearly all of the domestic violence cases that we handle, we always prepare for trial from the get-go. Most of these cases ultimately go to trial – primarily because the prosecution will rarely dismiss (even if the complainant wants a dismissal) out of fear that the defendant will simply commit the same crime again (or is some cases, commit an even worse offense.)

Basically, we are always prepared to go to trial on domestic violence cases – whereas prosecutors almost always try to force a plea.

Last month, Neil appeared with our client in Sterling Heights prepared to go to trial. Despite the fact that the complainant had showed up at every other court appearance and had told the prosecutor numerous times that our client had “pushed her” and that she absolutely wanted the case to go to trial, she failed to appear at the trial. The truth is that our client had never pushed her and she was simply using the legal system to keep our client out of his own home.

The prosecutor asked for an adjournment so that he could attempt to find the complainant, but the Judge was fed up with both her antics and her refusal to appear at trial despite being subpoenaed, so he DISMISSED THE CASE ENTIRELY!

Our client could have taken a plea deal, but he opted to fight the ridiculous allegation and ultimately we were rewarded with a DISMISSAL. This is what we do.


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