Medical Marijuana Case Dismissed (Transcript Included)

Just yesterday, I argued for the dismissal of a marijuana case in which a local police officer trampled all over my client’s constitutional and medical marijuana patient’s rights.  The officer abused his power by 1) questioning the accused without Miranda, 2) subjecting him to intolerable conditions for 25 minutes while peppering him questions, 3) searching the accused’s vehicle without cause and 4) using his patient status and medical marijuana cards as a basis to search.   Unfortunately, I think many others would have missed these issues.  Why?  Because the police officers don’t put in their report, “I violated the accused’s rights.”  They don’t admit to that in their reports.  Rather, a lawyer must read the reports for what is said and what is not said.  Dare I say, that is the most important task of all.  However, that’s only the first step.  The second?  Cross examination.  Effective cross examination.  I did both here effectively.  Take a look or read.  You’ll notice how I trapped the officer with a claim that he wouldn’t violate an accused’s rights or get caught up in the moment and cross a line, i.e., get carried away, into a constitutional rights violation.  Once I had him trapped, i.e., where he had testified earlier to a lie, e.g., that he wouldn’t violate an accused’s rights, by proving that he had, I had the officer on the run.  He later conceded that he used my client’s marijuana patient cards to support a search of my client’s vehicle — a big “no-no” in the MMMA field.

PE Transcript Redacted

As I have said before, “this is what I do.” Not everyone can do this sort of stuff but I can and am proud to do it in defense of a medical marijuana client.


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  1. WOW! Mr. Rockind Super Job by a Super Lawyer

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