Another Successful Week at Neil Rockind, P.C.

After pulling off two (2) not guilty verdicts in two (2) cases in a row, including one that defied all odds, we didn’t know what to expect for this week.  We still had a lot of work to do on other cases and each was important to us.  In each case, a client needed us to  save him/her from doom.  Again, I am proud to say that we delivered:

1. In a Conspiracy to Commit A Legal Act in an Illegal Manner, Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana and Delivery of Marijuana case, we secured an agreement that our client would be sentenced to probation and be spared jail, this despite his criminal record and the unsettling facts of the case;

2.  In a case involving two (2) counts of Delivery of Synthetic Cannabinoid, a case that garnered a lot of media attention and publicity, we not only obtained a dismissal of one of the counts in the case but put together a convincing sentencing package so much so that the client obtained a probationary sentence.  This was not as easy as it sounds: a defendant in a similar case represented by another lawyer got 6 months in jail for the same offense.  We were proud to obtain that result but prouder still that we helped a co-defendant in our case get his conviction for Delivery of Synthetic Cannabinoids taken under advisement.  Taken together, our clients ended up with 1) probation and 2) (the other) under advisement to be dismissed, a far cry from the incarceration that another of the accused received;

3)  In another high profile case involving a developmentally challenged 20 year old who had sexual relations with an advanced 14 year old (1 day shy of her 15th birthday), we engineered an agreement and sentence wherein the client will obtain probation and application of the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act to his case.  This young man, who was involved in a consensual sexual relationship with the young woman, will be spared from sexual registration and from a criminal record.  We saved his life;

4)  In still another case, Neil Rockind continued the fight for a Livingston County man whose constitutional rights were violated by the Michigan State Police.  On this date, Rockind and Colin Daniels filed a 25 page Suppression Memorandum with the court and continued our extraordinary cross examination of police witnesses.

There other success stories as well.  We continue to outdo ourselves in defense of our clients.


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