DISMISSAL in a Felony Medical Marijuana Case

Several months ago, we were contacted by a cancer survivor with complications from his bout with cancer and other physical ailments, including a broken back from a separate incident, who was under investigation for Manufacture of Marijuana.  A Michigan State Police plane flew over his yard and observed 4 plants on his porch.  The plants were in a single pot and had been placed in his backyard to get some sun before leaving for work. Unfortunately, he had forgotten to put them back inside before leaving.  The State Police obtained a warrant and gathered the plants.  A criminal prosecution ensued and he hired Neil Rockind and Neil Rockind, P.C.

We dug in ordering records, medical records and other materials to defend the client.  When our client first appeared in court, the prosecutor attempted to push our client into waiving his right to a preliminary examination.  When we next appeared, our client and Attorney Colin Daniels were pressured to waive the preliminary examination and plead to a felony count or risk being charged with additional crimes. We declined and demanded a preliminary examination.

Today, on the verge of the hearing, the case was dismissed.  Prior to, the prosecutor and Neil Rockind had an extensive conversation about the case and our client’s condition.   Rockind sent the prosecutor a copy of the client’s valid medical marijuana card.  A few minutes later, as Neil Rockind was gearing up for the hearing, we received word:  CASE DISMISSED.

Neil Rockind and Colin Daniels are criminal defense lawyers in Southfield, Michigan with the firm, Neil Rockind, P.C.  The firm is available to discuss your medical marijuana or other criminal case needs at your convenience.  Call 248.208.3800 for more information.


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