Neil Rockind secures a Violation of Probation DISMISSAL!

A client, on probation for narcotics possession, received a notice of probation violation. The allegations: new criminal activity, failure to report, failure to notify of a changed address and use of drugs. A search warrant had been issued and marijuana plants and mushrooms were located inside the house. The state thought they had landed a big fish — a convicted felon violating his probation. Wrong. The client hired Neil Rockind, Colin Daniels and Neil Rockind, P.C. Rockind was able to prove that 1) he had notified the probation department of his change of address, 2) the location of the marijuana plants and mushrooms were at his old address and he hadn’t lived there or been in possession of that home for some time and 3) he was in contact with his probation officer in another state as late as the date the Michigan probation department accused him of not appearing. Result: victory. Probation violation case dismissed.


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