Our Client’s Privacy is our TOP Concern

Several years ago Neil represented a minor in a criminal sexual conduct case. Without going into specifics, another law firm recently requested several documents from the case, including transcripts, court filings, etc. The requesting attorney needs the documents for a pending civil matter against the minor.

There is no doubt that many lawyers would have simply turned these documents over. (Transcripts? Those can’t be protected by the Attorney-Client privilege, can they?) Neil Rockind refused. Upon receiving our formal refusal to produce the requested documents, the other firm filed a motion in court asking a judge to force us to turn over the documents.

This morning, Neil appeared in the circuit court regarding the motion to produce documents related to the case. Neil argued that the documents are sealed, non-discoverable, and part of our client’s file, which is protected by the attorney-client privilege. The Judge agreed; motion denied.

Dealing with a criminal or juvenile case is one of the worst experiences a person can endure. We realize that keeping things as discreet as possible makes the situation a little more bearable. Therefore, we make sure that your privacy is our number one concern.


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