Holly police chief placed under investigation; placed on leave

Holly Police Chief Elena Danishevskaya has been placed on administrative leave, with pay, pending the outcome of an investigation. Sgt. Michael Story has been named as “acting chief.”

The Village of Holly has received a letter entitled “Vote of No Confidence” against Danishevskaya signed by 12 members of the police officers union. The Vote of No Confidence letter cites 19 separate incidents of actions or inactions on the part of the police chief, which the signers allege amount to mismanagement of the police department and violations of Holly Village and police department policies and procedures.

The letter was referred to Village Attorney, Richard J. Figura, for review and investigation. Mr. Figura has, in turn, referred the complaint to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office for investigation and submittal of a report of that investigation to the Holly Village Council.

Having the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office conduct the investigation ensures that it will be performed by a neutral third party with police department management experience. The investigation by the Sheriff’s Office will be performed by a unit within the department with experience in handling such investigations and will be performed at no cost to the Village.

With the chief being on administrative leave, the Sheriff’s Office staff conducting the investigation has promised to proceed with it as a top priority and to report back as quickly as possible while protecting the rights of all involved.

Also, to protect the rights of the police chief and the signers of the letter, no other statements will be made by the Village on this matter until a final report is delivered to the Village Council by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

via Tri-County Times


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