High Praise

We get a lot of praise from our clients about the exceptional protections and legal defenses that we are able to provide. Every now and then a client takes the time to actually write about their experiences with us. Here is one such letter that we received this morning:

Dear Neil,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you and your team how grateful I am
for your representation. As you know I was refereed to you by a
friend. I believe a referral is one of the greatest compliment a
professional can get because it means that you did a great job for the
referring person as well.

I’ve read every word on you web-site and I’ve read many many articles
about you and your firm. I am here to say that all the great things
that have been written about you and your firm are 100% TRUE!!

When I received my 3rd drunk driving, I was devastated, scared and
very very concerned about my future. I went to a local lawyer first
but quickly realized that this gentleman was way out of his comfort
zone. He did a horrible job and basically left me for dead. He truly
made every aspect of my case worse.

This is when I called you to take over. Not that a 3rd offense is bad
enough, but you also had to undo all that the first guy did. Not a
small task.

Every step of the way, I felt completely protected. You and your firm
handled this case as if it was the most important case in the world.
There was amazing communication throughout the entire process and at
the end of the day you won!!!

I wont go into too much detail as to the results, but if ANYONE wants
to know just how well you did, please give them my personal number
and/or email address and I promise I will take the time to tell them
everything in detail!!

In closing, I’ve been represented by dozens of lawyers in many
different types of litigation and nobody even comes close to the level
of performance I received from you and your firm. I just wish you did
corporate work too :-). So if anyone reads this letter, please know
that by selecting NRPC you WILL NOT go wrong.

I would also like to thank Jennifer Mellas and Colin Daniels for their
outstanding contribution to my case and its success.

With absolute sincerity and gratitude,



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