We received this from the Marijuana Policy Project earlier this week…

Mich: More bad medical marijuana bills

Dear Supporter:

Apparently, compromising patient privacy and setting tougher restrictions on transporting medical marijuana in a vehicle than transporting liquor wasn’t enough. Now, the Michigan Senate is back with a new slate of bills, even worse than the first, that would dramatically undermine Michigan’s medical marijuana law.

Please call or email your state senator now and ask him or her to stop tampering with Michigan’s voter-approved medical marijuana law.

A slate of bills headed to the Senate floor today would, among other things, remove glaucoma from the list of qualifying conditions, send confidential patient information to law enforcement whenever a patient is added to the registry, and prevent patients from suing to challenge unlawful local ordinances.

Please call your state senator right now and ask him or her to oppose these bills. When you’re done with your call, follow it up with an email. Don’t wait; these bills could be voted on any day.



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