Another Medical Marijuana Dismissal!

Our firm is contacted by dozens of people every week that want us to get involved in their Medical Marijuana Case. All of them want our firm to secure an outright dismissal of the charges; few, if any, are willing to plead to a crime that they do not believe they committed.

Last month we were retained by A.B. to represent him in a medical marijuana case in southeastern Oakland County. He came to us at the very last second – the Judge had just given him a week to file all of the necessary medical marijuana motions and briefs. Despite the time crunch, we filed nearly 50 pages of Motions and Briefs arguing that A.B. had not broken any laws and that the case must be dismissed.

The prosecutor had no answer to our filings.

Yesterday,  Neil appeared with A.B. in front of the Judge and the Court dismissed the case! No hearings necessary, no long testimonials by witnesses, no requirement that A.B.’s doctor show up to support the certification.

Quite simply, we challenged the charges with 2 briefs and achieved our goal: a complete DISMISSAL! The Court said, “the pleadings you filed were well written. They were very good. I was curious to see how the prosecutor would respond.” Well, the prosecutor had no response…

Neil Rockind, P.C. wins another round. But ultimately it is our client that wins his life back.


One response to “Another Medical Marijuana Dismissal!

  1. good going neil once again you are the best

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