Neil Rockind Secures a Fantastic Result in a Dispensary Case

Our client, a person working in a Dispensary that had too much marijuana on hand, was originally charged with Delivery/Manufacture of Marijuana, which is a 4-year Felony.

At the first Pre-Trial in Circuit Court, we managed to convince the prosecutor to  dismiss the felony in exchange for his plea to a misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Today, at the sentencing, Neil Rockind secured an amazing result. First, the misdemeanor plea will be taken under 7411 – meaning that if he successfully completes probation the charge will be dismissed from his record completely! Further, Neil talked the Judge into only giving him 6 months of call-in probation AND the Judge agreed that if he pays all of his fines and costs within 3 months, that the Judge will dismiss him from probation after only 90 days! Additionally, the Judge is going to allow him to consume his medical marijuana while on probation!

From a felony charge to a clean record in 3 months and he can use his medicine! These are the results that we achieve at Neil Rockind, P.C.

– Colin Daniels


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