Breaking News! Disqualification of Judge Sommers UPHELD on Appeal!

Today, a Wayne County Circuit judge affirmed and upheld the disqualification of Judge Mark Somers, the much maligned Dearborn judge who declared the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act unconstitutional.

The City of Dearborn appealed the District Court Chief Judge’s ruling disqualifying Judge Somers from this medical marijuana case.  Neil Rockind, P.C., the Southfield, Michigan criminal defense trial firm that has been at the forefront in the defense of medical marijuana cases, moved to disqualify Judge Somers after he made several comments and rulings about marijuana and the Medical Marijuana Act that revealed his bias against medical marijuana and marijuana, generally.  Rockind, with the aid of Stuart Friedman, the noted criminal defense appellate attorney, defended Chief Wygonik’s ruling disqualifying Judge Somers.

Neil Rockind, PC, the law firm who fought to disqualify judge Somers, continues the fight against judges who ignore the medical marijuana act.


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