Another Medical Marijuana Win!

Neil Rockind secured another major medical marijuana win today – this time in the 16th District Court in Livonia.

Months ago our client was caught growing medical marijuana plants in her backyard. Her plants were not in an enclosed, locked facility and she had more plants than her medical marijuana card allowed her to have. Luckily, Livonia decided to only charge her with a misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana.

Today, Neil Rockind got the original charge DISMISSED in exchange for our client’s plea to Possession of Paraphernalia. Further, Neil Rockind convinced the Judge to forgo probation! Our client simply has to paid fines and costs and she is now free to go about her life as normal and put this terrible situation behind her. No probation, no reporting to a probation agent, no drug tests, no monitoring at all.

Neil Rockind, P.C. – Proving again and again that we are the TOP Medical Marijuana Defense Firm in the State of Michigan!


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