Another Amazing Medical Marijuana Result by Neil Rockind, P.C.

Approximately 9 months ago, the Livonia Police Department raided the home of  a retired GM employee in Garden City because of alleged medical marijuana violations. This man had no criminal record and was a confirmed medical marijuana patient. Still, the police raided his home and discovered that he was over on his limits of both dried usable medical marijuana and plant count. In fact, he had nearly 2 pounds of dried marijuana and various distribution materials, i.e. packaging materials, scales, etc.

After months of negotiating with the Livonia Police Department, Neil Rockind, P.C. talked the police into only asked for a one single charge of manufacture of marijuana 5-45 kilos, which is a 7-year felony.

After the charge was authorized, we began extensive discussions with the specially assigned drug prosecutor. Eventually we convinced the special prosecutor to reduce the felony down to a misdemeanor(!) and began discussions regarding the possible fines and probation conditions. Initially the prosecutor wanted a $3,000 fine and 2 years on probation (which we preliminarily agreed to).

Today, we appeared with our client in the Wayne County Circuit Court for the purpose of an arraignment on the information. Prior to going on the record, we decided, with the consent of the special prosecutor, to ask a superior prosecutor for a better deal. After all was said and done, Neil Rockind, P.C. convinced the prosecutor’s office to offer the misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana, with under advisement status (7411!), and a period of probation of only one year, with a fine of only $1,000!

In addition, the Judge is going to allow him to continue smoking medical marijuana as long as his card is valid!!

Upon hearing the offer that we had worked out, and after being sentences, our client exclaimed, “I couldn’t be happier!”

He went from 2 pounds of marijuana and a 7-year felony, to a misdemeanor possession of marijuana, zero jail time, only a year on probation, with 7411 status, and minimal fines and costs. Plus, he can continue to use his medical marijuana while out on probation!

This is what Neil Rockind, P.C. can do.


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