Snyder signs [NEW] ‘super drunk’ driver legislation

Gov. Rick Snyder has signed legislation Wednesday allowing communities to enforce  ordinances aimed at drunken drivers with very high bodily alcohol content (BAC).

“Stiffer penalties against “super drunk” drivers – those with a BAC of 0.17 or higher – took effect in 2010. Because that law raised the maximum prison term for offenders, law enforcement officers were prohibited from writing tickets for high BAC violations under local ordinances,” stated

The law was intended as an enhancement penalty for driving a vehicle while intoxicated with the higher BAC levels. However, municipal attorneys did not have the authority to prosecute offenses where the punishment exceeded 93 days in jail.

The law signed raises the penalty to 180 days, and the fine to a maximum of $700 if blood alcohol content is 0.17, or higher giving municipal attorneys the authority to prosecute, and law enforcement officers authority to write the tickets.

For your own sake, and that of others, please don’t drink and drive.

via The Examiner


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