Medical Marijuana Cases Require Experienced Medical Marijuana Lawyers

Caveat Emptor. The Latin phrase means “buyer beware”. We’ve all heard that term before. It advises buyers of goods and services to be cautious and to beware. This warning of caution applies equally to patients, caregivers, business owners and others who are facing criminal charges in medical marijuana cases. In fact, given the hostility of prosecutors and the courts to the Medical Marijuana Act, citizens are advised to be hire only an experienced medical marijuana lawyer to defend them in a case.

How do you identify an experienced medical marijuana attorney? Many general practitioners or general criminal defense lawyers claim (and that is the key here, “claim”) to handle these cases. Beware of these lawyers. In fact, be afraid of them. Caveat Emptor. These lawyers will devote a page or 2 on a website written by some web design company to medical marijuana cases. You can look at their sites and see that the language is not their own: they “dabble” in these cases. They view them as similar to other cases but they are much different.

Would you let your family physician perform open heart surgery on you? Would you let a pediatrician, a kids doctor, perform a spinal fusion if you needed such a surgery? No. You would go to a specialist. Someone who is trained and has focused experience in handling those surgeries. Not a generalist. Why would you handle this any differently? Is it less important? Is your freedom not important to you?

A current court of appeals judge has indicated a belief that medical marijuana act is unconstitutional. He has cited something called the Title Object Clause. Were you aware of that? Is the generalist, dabbling lawyer with a paragraph on his website devoted to this? I doubt it.

These cases require lawyers who are intimately familiar with the battles over MMMA. Neil Rockind PC is at the forefront of these battles. Check it out. Google his name. Google our firm’s name. Check out our firm blogs. Insiders consider us the premiere medical marijuana defense firm in town. Rockind won medical marijuana cases in Oakland County….few can make that claim.

Don’t be fooled. Hire a seasoned medical marijuana lawyer not a dabbler.


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