Expungement Granted!

Neil Rockind appeared this morning in the Wayne County Circuit Court for the purposed of an expungement for one of our past clients.

The newly altered expungement statute allows an individual with ONE criminal offense or with ONE felony offense and two or less minor offenses, to have the ONE offense or the felony offense expunged. This does not apply to certain felonies (i.e. anything that carries with it a potential life sentence, any driving offenses, and a few criminal sexual conduct offenses, among a couple of other exceptions.) Lastly, the offense must have taken place MORE than 5 years ago.

Our client was convicted of one count of Embezzlement five years ago and she came to us with the hope that we would be able to help her clear her record. Luckily she met all of the requirements and we went through the process of setting up a court date in front of her original judge in order to ask the judge to remove the offense from her record.

After some very persuasive argument from Neil Rockind, the judge agreed that our client deserved to have the charge expunged and her record cleared! Now our client can resume her life without the terrible burden of a criminal conviction following her around everywhere she goes.

If you or a loved one were convicted of an offense more than 5 years ago (or are approaching 5 years since the date conviction) and you wish to find out whether or not you are eligible for an expungement, please contact our office at 248-208-3800 to talk to an attorney at Neil Rockind, P.C. If you are eligible, we would be happy to help you navigate your way through the difficult expungement process.


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