Michigan’s LARA Issues Statement Regarding a Bona-Fide Patient/Physician Releationship

Michigan’s Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Bureau has issued an official statement that could affect thousands of Medical Marijuana Patients. Specifically, LARA released a documents that specifically described what is and what isn’t an appropriate “bona fide doctor patient relationship.” The most intriguing part of the statement is that in order to be a “bone fide relationship,” the doctor MUST meet with the patient face-to-face and must follow up with the patient to make sure that the medication is having it’s intended effect. This means no more internet certifications, no more telephone certifications, and no more single-encounter certifications from a “certification mill.”

This statement isn’t the law, per-se, but it will definitely be treated as such by law enforcement and the State – so take heed.

Check out the document here: lara bona fide guidelines


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