BREAKING NEWS: Neil Rockind, P.C. gets ANOTHER COMPLETE DISMISSAL of ALL FELONY medical marijuana charges!

We are continually fighting for our clients. We are at work early, we work long hours, we work late, we work weekends, we work holidays, we talk about cases over lunch, we rarely leave the office before 7pm at night, we write long motions and briefs, we hold hearings – in short, we fight – day in and day out. And when we sleep (which is rarely), we dream about how we can obtain better results for our clients.

We are 150% committed to our clients.

And ALL of that pays off when we convince a prosecutor’s office (particularly the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office) to dismiss felony charges.

More than one year ago, T.S.’s residence was illegally raided by the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team. Officers had lied to obtain a search warrant to his home. Regardless, officers found a small amount of medical marijuana in a locked room in his basement. When officers questioned T.S., he voluntarily presented his medical marijuana paperwork, and answered all of their questions truthfully. A short while later, T.S. was arrested and charged with Delivery/Manufacturing Marijuana.

T.S. was referred to our office and told us that he had not done anything wrong; that he had followed the medical marijuana laws to the T. We told T.S. that we would do everything within our power to help him through this terrible ordeal.

Upon delving into the case, we realized that the officer in charge of the case had presented a search warrant affidavit to the court that contained intentionally false information. Armed with this information, we wrote a massive Brief requesting that the Judge suppress any any all evidence seized from his home and that the case be dismissed for lack of evidence.

The Brief can be found here —-> Mtn and Brief for Franks (Redacted) 01.26.12

Initially, the Prosecutor’s Office, due to the arguments presented in the brief, offered our client a plea to Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana. However, T.S. could not bring himself to plead guilty to a crime that he did not commit. Upon informing the Prosecutor’s Office that we could not accept the offer, we received word that The Prosecutor’s Office had decided to dismiss all charges.

It is no secret that Neil Rockind, P.C. and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office do not always see eye to eye, but we at Neil Rockind, P.C. absolutely respect the righteous decision that they made in T.S.’s case.

The Order of Dismissal was entered onto the record on January 25th, 2012.

Below are the emails that we received yesterday and today from T.S. and his wife.

“Hey Neil,

Thank you, thank you and your comrades Colin and Jennifer.  What an amazing day!

I came to your office in May of 2011 facing 2 bogus felonies for manufacturing and distribution of marijuana. I was seeking your help because I believed your firm could help protect my rights as a Medical Marijuana Patient and let the truth be heard.  I knew in my heart that you were capable of getting all charges dismissed.
When I met with you initially I was somewhat aware of your background. 6 years ago you helped a beloved relative of mine. He sought you out in hopes of staying out of prison after his 3rd DUI with his 3rd not only a DUI but also on a suspended license. He was looking at a serious amount of jail time. Your victory kept him out of jail and you helped him continue supporting his family. At that point you had my respect and admiration.

You were quick, accurate, to the point and ready for whatever hurdles were thrown our way. Our victory exemplifies that an extraordinary attorney and team can do extraordinary things. I’m a firm believer in “you get what you pay for”.

I’m sure you can imagine how emotional I was when receiving the call from Jennifer telling me the case is being dismissed. I asked her at least 5 times back to back, “Are you serious”? as the weight and burden of these charges have slowly begun lift.  

I’ve spent the last 9 months not believing in the system . You’ve helped restore calm and confidence back into my life. From the bottom of my heart I want to  thank you for allowing me and my love to breathe again. I’m proud to call you my friends.

I’m also curious if someone recorded Colin’s victory dance?  I believe I was doing the same one.  If not I’d like to see it someday Colin. Thank you Jennifer for one of the best phone calls ever, and the happy tears. Neil, what is there to say that has not already been said.. Thank you for listening, believing, understanding and doing work I believe only few are blessed to do!!

 God Bless & Can’t Thank You Guys Enough!”

“Dear Neil,

There is no question that your team and their talents have scored another important victory.

Your crusade to defend the rights of Medical marijuana patients is admirable. Your team has taken the difficult task of taking politics and propaganda out of the court room and replaced it with undying compassion for patients that need a voice.

As a daughter of a parkinson’s patient, a sister of a social worker who works with ALS patients and most importantly a wife of a exceptional man that has Crohn’s Disease I understand the need for legal teams such as yourselves to defend the sick. In May I read letters of praise that clients had written to you after their victories. I’m honored that I now may do so.

You saved the freedom of my late and very dear cousin back in 2005.

I saw then what great work you do in the court room.

Neil you have been honored with many awards and accolades. You have heard a million times over “thank you”.

I would like to express my dearest thank you. You may have legally represented my husband but you saved my life.

You helped restore my trust in the justice system that was lost. You restored physical and emotional freedom into our lives. You’ve proved to me that in this life we will walk thru many battles but those battles although tough can be victorious.  Thank you for your compassion. Thank you for never giving up on the truth.

Thank you Neil,Colin, and Jennifer for doing what you do best and that’s winning! I imagine the three of you in the ring, Neil being the prized fighter, Colin the notorious and gifted trainer and Jennifer the sports agent working the deals and magic outside of the ring.

Thank you all”


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