Local police officer suspended, accused of operating marijuana shop

COMMERCE TOWNSHIP (WXYZ) – A 30-year-old Detroit Police Officer is suspended after an Oakland County Sheriff’s drug unit raids his home in connection with a medical marijuana operation that is suspected of operating illegally.

A search warrant was executed at the officer’s lakeside home in Commerce Township where he lives with his brother who is also one of the targets in the on-going investigation by the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team.

State officials say Michigan law prohibits medical marijuana dispensaries but registered users and their caregivers are allowed to grow their own marijuana with certain restrictions.

The company under investigation is called “Green Greener Grow” and their website indicates it is a non-profit for patients and caregivers operating in full compliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

A portion of the company’s website also reads, “..discreet access to medical marijuana direct mail, personal delivery, or private location services”.

Defense attorney Corbett O’Meara represents the suspended officer and says his client only sublet office space in Southfield to the medical marijuana operation and believed it was being run within the boundaries of the law.

The Southfield office space was also searched by investigators and we’re told marijuana was seized at that location.

The officer and his brother, who has reportedly referred to himself as a caregiver, were briefly taken into custody but later released pending the outcome of the investigation.

Currently, the officer is suspended from the Detroit Police Department with pay but police officials say a petition to suspend the officer without pay will soon be presented to the Board of Police Commissioners.

via WXYZ


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