Nearly 2 years have passed since Ryan Richmond was formally charged in Oakland County. Today, Richmond, along with several other co-defendants, received vindication.

In early 2009, Clinical Relief, a dispensary located in Ferndale, Michigan, was given the okay to operate by the local police and the city of Ferndale. A few months later, despite the authorization given by the local municipality, the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET) began investigating Clinical Relief. Over the course of a couple of months, NET officers created fake medical marijuana cards, entered into Clinical Relief on multiple occasions, claimed to be medical marijuana patients, and purchased medical marijuana from employees of the dispensary.

Within a matter of days, Clinical Relief was raided by several NET officers. These officers entered the facility with guns drawn and handcuffed everyone inside. Officers confiscated all of the medical marijuana within the building and arrested all occupants. That same week, officers executed search warrants at the homes of the owners and employees of the dispensary. In doing so, they ransacked private homes, seized hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of private belongings and generally harassed family members. All of this despite the fact that Ferndale told the dispensary that they were operating legally.

Within days the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office charged everyone arrested with felonies ranging from the Distribution of Marijuana to the Manufacture of Marijuana to various conspiracies. That is when Neil Rockind, P.C. got involved.

Ryan Richmond approached our firm and asked us to help him.

More to come!


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