PART 3 – Neil Rockind on Michigan Town Hall Live – Medical Marijuana Roundtable – Oct. 10, 2011


One response to “PART 3 – Neil Rockind on Michigan Town Hall Live – Medical Marijuana Roundtable – Oct. 10, 2011

  1. Neil, I enjoyed your performance in the “discussion.” You are very correct in challenging the unsupported prejudicial propaganda. It is all about words in the final analyses. This is a war against some people cloaked in concern for some drug users. Why don’t they show the same concern for the smokers of tobacco or drinkers of alcohol? In Canada I am challenging the way the government is administering or more properly mis administering this Act to apply their prohibitionist political agenda on to a neutral, outcome based healthcare Act. There are no exemptions for hard to do political things or historical or culture precedence, therefore the government must put before parliament the most dangerous to society drugs: alcohol and tobacco. My argument, comes from the UK and an American, Casey William Hardison, now incarcerated there for 7 out of 20 and likely to suffer more years upon release and repatriation. Darryl Bickler (the Drug Equality Alliance) an Attorney from the UK, is assisting me (pro bono) and a few others challenging these crazy drug laws in European and Canadian courts. It is basically a matter of fundamental Justice at the common law level: EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW. We would all love to see this war of terror on some people come to an end. We have all either suffered, or have loved ones suffering, from this unjust government tyranny.

    Basically we are all drug users in this society and our rights as citizens should not disappear dependent on which substance we are peacefully using. The principle in law treating like alike and unlike differently applies here. If a person is doing nothing different than using a drug peacefully their rights should not vary according to whether it is alcohol, tobacco (a substance the kills up to 25% of its users and is more addictive than heroin,) or marijuana, LSD or any drug and adult chooses to use (see the harm charts on my old blog “Sunshine Soup at”) Neither should a merchant selling any drug be treated any differently than the seller of alcohol or tobacco as long as they sell to adults only. The drugs laws according to our understanding were meant for control and regulation of ALL SUBSTANCES IN ORDER TO MINIMIZE THE HARM DONE TO THE REST OF SOCIETY. People’s actions concerning certain drug properties are what the laws attempt to control as they are written. Since drugs are inanimate substances they don’t fall under the law, only people do and our rights don’t disappear because we chose to use other substances safely whether they have medicinal value or not. Tell me the medicinal value of tobacco?

    Anyways Darryl Bickler is willing to share his expertise to help any and all attorneys or individuals who can’t afford one who are willing to challenge these laws on this mal administration of law by the government basis. Anyone can access my legal battle via my new blog “Off the Bell Curve at” We are all hoping to rock their boat and I respect the victory that you have won, Neil Rockind. Good luck in the future, so many people are so hurtfully affected by these unjust laws as well as all of society. This is the exact same issue affected by the “Jim Crow” laws of the 50’s and 60’s, only color isn’t the hook for injustice. This time we are colored by a substance and different states of consciousness. The same hateful language denigrating drug users is employed as was then against people of color: lazy, stupid, dishonest, shiftless, untrustworthy, dangerous, sex crazed drug addicts.

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