Police: Commerce Twp. pot raid netted 500 plants; law, not politics motivated deputies

The Oakland County Sheriff’s office reports that the recent raid of a marijuana growing operation in Commerce Township was merely following the Controlled Substance Act, something the facility’s lawyer isn’t buying.

“Just like any other, we had to build a case and present probable cause. A judge reviewed the case and issued a warrant which was executed,” said Major Robert Smith, who also stated that the federal Drug Enforcement Agency has been in on the case since the outset.

“This is not even about medical marijuana,” Smith said. “We have reason to believe that the operation was in violation of the Controlled Substances Act and that is what we were following.”

The 20-plus officers who entered Absolute Herbal Remedies on the 700 block of Welch Road seized around 500 plants from the facility.

Defense attorney Neil Rockind however, still does not want to hear what the law enforcement has to say.

“They can try to describe it any way they want,” he said. “I know what happened … And if they want to pursue a case then I’ll be there.”

Rockind also said that he is in possession of evidence from the operation that will, “inform people of the facility and what the police did or didn’t do.”

At this time no charges have been filed against the proprietors of the operation, and the Sheriff’s Office says it is investigating whether the operation was in violation of the medical marijuana statute.

Rockind described the facility as two buildings each as a storage unit. Within each storage unit there are 17 individual lockers rented out to different people.

“A tenant who occupies locker No. 1 has no idea who the owner of locker 15 is, and the landlord has no relationship with any of them,” he said.

via The Oakland Press


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