Medical Marijuana Grow Operations Raided in Commerce Township


COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJBK) – “The police broke the law. That’s what happened last night,” said Neil Rockind.

“They rolled in with about 20, 25 officers, we believe all from Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team.Started smashing down doors,” said Colin Daniels.

“I am sick of the way that police officers are treating patients,” Rockind told FOX 2’s Andrea Isom.

“Had flashlights on them with officers with guns telling them to get on the ground, put their hands behind their back,” Daniels said. “One of the sheriffs was saying there was something about 500 plants, but we think that’s a guess at this point.”

“These people did nothing wrong. All these people did at this facility was try to find a way to grow, cultivate, manufacture marijuana in a facility that was secure, that was protected, and they did so in compliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act,” Rockind explained.

These two guys are the attorneys for Absolute Management, which owns and operates “a number of buildings which lease out rental units to tenants who want to come and lease rental units for medical marijuana purposes,” Daniels told us.

We’re told the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team did some digging. Clearly they thought something was suspicious, so they executed a search warrant and raided not one, but two grow operations in Commerce Township. No one was arrested or has been charged, but lots of weed and equipment was seized because police say what was happening inside was against the law.

“They’ve decided that they do not like medical marijuana. I think that’s the bottom line,” said Daniels.

“I hope the public actually expresses some outrage over what’s happening. They should. They voted for the law, and these people are the cops. They’re the ones that are supposed upholding it, but they’re the ones that are breaking it,” said Rockind.

The Narcotics Enforcement Team stands by every single decision they made Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and says this investigation is far from over.

via Fox 2 Detroit


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