Jennifer Mellas secures permission to travel!

A couple of months ago Neil Rockind, P.C. began the representation of S.B., who was charged with a 1st offense drunk driving in a district court in Oakland County.

There was nothing exceptional about the case, with the one caveat that S.B. is a commercial construction supervisor and his job requires him to travel all over the country to supervise job sites. When we explained this to the district court judge, we were told to simply file a motion to travel each time that S.B. needed to leave the State of Michigan. We told the judge that we would do so.

A week later, we faxed a motion to travel to the judge. However, instead of ruling on the motion and allowing S.B. to travel, the judge ignored the motion. S.B. was unable to travel and was told by his company that if he didn’t get permission next time, that he would be fired. In other words, S.B. was on the verge of losing his well-paying job because the judge wouldn’t rule on a motion to travel for a defendant with no prior criminal history and a simple OWI 1st charge.

Earlier this week, S.B. came to us again and said that he needed to travel for work and that if he didn’t get permission this time, that he would probably be fired. After we filed a motion to travel, Neil Rockind, P.C.’s exclusive Paralegal, Jennifer Mellas, stayed on top of the judge and the judge’s clerks and finally obtained a favorable ruling allowing S.B. to travel!

At Neil Rockind, P.C. we take a personal interest in each and every client. S.B. needed permission to travel and we made that happen. If you are charged with a crime and want a law firm that will handle your case as if you are our ONLY client, please contact us at 248-208-3800 or visit us on the web at


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