OWI REDUCED to Careless Driving!

At Neil Rockind, P.C. we  strive to get the BEST possible outcome for our client.

This is true in each and every case that we defend, including drunk driving cases. Many law firms try and spend the least amount of time possible on drunk driving cases. Neil Rockind, P.C. is NOT one of those firms.

When we take on a drunk driving case we flyspeck each and every angle of the case, from the traffic stop to the sobriety testing to the arrest to the breath tests. If there is a problem we will find it and we will challenge it. No problem is too small. Datamaster times don’t match up? We challenge that. Officer failed to mention the smell of intoxication? We challenge that. Supervisor failed to sign the Datamaster logs? We challenge that. Trust us: if there is a problem with the prosecution’s case, no matter how small, we will find it and do EVERYTHING we can to make that problem the basis for a reduction or a dismissal.

Such was the case today with a client charged with an OWI 1st. After watching the video of the inside of the police department, we noticed that the times that the officer stated that he had conducted the breath test didn’t actually match up to the clock on the wall. Based solely upon that finding, we filed a motion challenging the breath tests results. Today was the scheduled date for an evidentiary hearing. Neil Rockind showed up ready to hold the hearing – but the prosecutor had different plans. She knew that we had most likely caught the officer in a series of lies and she wasn’t ready to have him testify. That’s when she offered to dismiss the OWI in exchange for a plea to Careless Driving. Our client took the deal happily.

When it comes to drunk driving cases, the defense really is “all in the details.” Contact Neil Rockind, P.C. now at 248-208-3800 if you want someone who will truly examine those details and fight to receive the best possible result.


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