A proposed Bill in the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee seems to acknowledge the legality of Dispensaries

There is no doubt that people in the State of Michigan are confused by the recent rulings in state courts regarding medical marijuana.

And things are about to get imminently more confusing after two recent developments. Yesterday Attorney General Bill Schuette released an advisory opinion holding that it is illegal for patients and caregivers to all grow or house medical marijuana in one facility. In essence, this opinion, if utilized by the Michigan Court’s would effectively make dispensaries illegal in Michigan.

ON THE OTHER HAND, yesterday a Bill was introduced in the Senate Judiciary Committee that would make it illegal to operate a dispensary within 1,000 feet of a school or place of worship. This Bill immediately begs the question: If, according to Schuette, dispensaries are per se illegal, then why would we need a Bill to tell us that they are illegal within 1,000 feet of schools and places of worship? Doesn’t the mere existence of this Bill necessarily imply that dispensaries are legal?

Check out the competing stories here:

Michigan bill overrides Lansing’s marijuana plans


Michigan Attorney General Targets Medical Marijuana Law

Colin A. Daniels


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