Hey you, Public: The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office thinks you are UNNECESSARY!

Our firm is involved in dozens of Medical Marijuana cases, including both dispensary cases in Oakland County. The dispensary case that originated in Waterford, MI is set to go to trial later this summer. Today we received a 27-page Motion and Brief from the prosecutor’s office asking the Judge to disallow any mention of “Medical Marijuana” at trial.

The Motion asks the Judge to disallow ANY AND ALL references to anything even associated with Medical Marijuana. This request, if granted, would also completely prevent any of the defendant’s from introducing the fact that the so-called police ILLEGALLY MANUFACTURED Medical Marijuana Cards and used those illegal cards to purchase legal Medical Marijuana. In other words, the Prosecutor does not want you, the PUBLIC, to know that the police tricked and deceived their way into purchasing that Medical Marijuana. Further, the Prosecutor is also trying to prevent you, the PUBLIC, from learning that the intent of the defendants was merely to follow the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and provide Medical Marijuana to those who needed it.

Instead, the Prosecutor wants the Judge to decide that you, the PUBLIC, are incapable of viewing the facts and coming to a rational and educated decision. Ultimately, the Prosecutor wants to present these Medical Marijuana defendants as simple marijuana dealers and wants you to conclude that that the defendants merely intended to break the law and sell marijuana – regardless of the illegal actions of the police and the wholly-legal actions of the defendants (per the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.)

Don’t believe me? Read the full Motion and Brief filed by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office by clicking here!

– Colin A. Daniels


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