Comments from Last Night’s Medical Marijuana Panel:

Comment #1

“Bravo to Neil!!

Neil stuck to the script he outlined below last month.   It was a fantastic defense of patients and one could not come away from the event believing that Neil was the most compassionate and honest person on the panel.”

Comment #2

“The last presenter in the initial round was Neil.   He is a great speaker with a clear voice and a presentation style that just makes you want to believe him.  He  presented a passionate description of the act, not describing the whereas and wherefores, or parsing the meaning of or the placement of simple three letter words, but rather he described the act as a statement of compassion on the part of the voters of Michigan.  He presented heartbreaking stories of a number of patients.  He concluded with the admonition to the government types that laws are to be viewed with an eye towards what the intention of the voters is and in this case it is compassion and a desire to do the right thing.  This brought a round of applause from the audience.  The audience was 70- 80% mmj community.”


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