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Goodbye Tressel — You Won By Cheating — Goodbye!

Sorry, if you turn to this blog for updates about attorney Neil Rockind, named Hour Magazine’s Best, a Michigan Super Lawyer, DBusiness Top Lawyer Selection, our firm’s fights against the powers that be or updates from Colin Daniels, Esq., you may want to skip this blog entry.  It has nothing to do with our law practice other than it simply makes us feel good . . . JAMES TRESSEL OF THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY or as Terrelle Pryor, the ne’erdowell uber-recruit who is likely the single greatest regret recruit ever in Buckeye Nation called it, THE UNIVERSITY OF OHIO STATE, has resigned.

I went to the University of Michigan.  My parents went to the University of Michigan.  My sisters went to the University of Michigan.  Until the Rich Rodriguez era, my school, the UM, did it right.  We may not always have won but our approach to football matched our approach to academics — we were leaders.  During the Rodriguez era, the UM committed NCAA violations.  During that period, Buckeye Nation laughed at us.  It turns out that OSU did much worse and did so during the time they were claiming superiority.    Tressel’s gone.  He resigned but he’s taking the OSU with him.  Goodbye!

-Neil Rockind



Neil Rockind Named “Best in Detroit” By Hour Detroit Magazine Readers

Attorney Neil Rockind named Best in Detroit

Neil Spoke to the League of Women Voters…

…regarding Medical Marijuana. He was part of a 4 person panel and was far and away the most elegant, articulate, and well-spoken speaker in the room. Check out the complete video by clicking the link below:

In addition, we have received several extremely positive comments, such as this one:

“‘If you traffic in fear, the law appears unclear; if you stop trying to play in fear, the law appears clear. Just leave the patients alone.’ Thanks again Neil. Great presentation. I enjoy your speaking style. Proper tempo and inflections, combined with powerful unarguable substance. You should go into representing people. ;)”

Compliments from a Grateful Client

“Thanks to Neil Rockind for all his priceless work he has done for me over the past ten years. He has saved my life when i was faceing 20 years to life two 19 year old boys robbed and beat a pizza man, than they said i was their so they would get a reduced sentence, my charges were dropped and the other boys paid for their lies. [~THANK YOU~ NEIL~] Also good job for my poss charge in jan of 2010 the charges were dropped [~THANK YOU ~NEIL~]” – J.O.

At Neil Rockind, P.C. we show up everyday ready to get dirty. We show up everyday ready to fight. And we show up everyday ready to get your life back.

– Colin A. Daniels

Neil Rockind 2011 Plaque

Bill to legalize medical marijuana in Delaware heads to governor’s desk; says he’ll sign into law

Maybe Jessica Cooper and Sheriff Michael Bouchard should take a look at the numbers. Everyday more and more states are legalizing medical marijuana. Delaware will make it 15 states, plus the District of Columbia. That’s nearly a third of the country. Bottom line: JC and MC, you are on the wrong side of a war you cannot and will not win.

– Colin A. Daniels

from the Washington Post:

DOVER, Del. — All that’s left to make medical marijuana legal in Delaware is the signature of the governor who has said he would make it law.

The bill would allow people 18 and older with certain serious or debilitating conditions that could be alleviated by marijuana to possess up to six ounces of the drug.

The state Senate on Wednesday by at 17-4 vote gave its approval to the bill that cleared the House last week. It heads to the desk of Gov. Jack Markell.

Under the bill, qualifying patients would be referred to state-licensed and regulated “compassion centers,” which would be responsible for growing, cultivating and dispensing the marijuana.

Delaware would join 15 other states and the District of Columbia in legalizing medical marijuana.

via Washington Post