Those Who Judge Will Be Judged

I have often remarked about the way that some court employees, police officers and probation officers treat the people that they encounter at work.   Before anyone gets the wrong impression, some are quite pleasant.  Some clerks and court employees are wonderful to work with.  When they talk to members of the public or others, they appear sincere, interested, courteous.  The same goes for some police officers and some probation officers.  However, I can tell you that some are downright unpleasant, mean, disrespectful and dismissive.  They reveal a hatred and loathing for their job and their lot in life.  I can recall one clerk who actually called me on the phone, presumably inquiring about when I’d get to the courthouse (I had three to go to that morning) and her initial words to me were:  ”where are you?”.  I shut her down right there . . . (excuse me, an undergrad degree, law degree, law practice, three children, wife, home, business entitle me to some degree of courtesy, I said — and then I hung up and arrived at the courthouse without so much as another hint of a problem).  I encountered one probation officer once who was so rude that I pulled her aside and reminded her that she wouldn’t be a probation officer forever and that karma doesn’t passover our homes live the angel of death in the Passover – Exodus Story.

An article appears in today’s The Oakland Press about a probation officer from Roseville who is accused of stalking and abusing his access to criminal histories, etc.  I’m not surprised.  Nothing makes a probation officer any more inherently law-abiding and resistant to emotional impulse than the rest of us.  However, I am sure that this probation officer sent his fair share of people to jail.  Likely he judged a few people in his day.  When judging others be careful about being judged yourself.    Here’s the article, quoted below:

The chief probation officer for the city of Roseville has been fired for improper use of the LEIN machine and stalking a female employee and will face criminal charges, court officials said.

Rory Wagner remains hospitalized suffering from a mental condition. He is expected to be arraigned next week by 40th District Judge Mark A. Fratarcangeli in neighboring St. Clair Shores.

An interim bond was set today for Wagner at $10,000.

Judge Joseph F. Boedeker, chief judge of the 39th District Court, said he fired Wagner when he became aware that Wagner was using the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) machine to check the name of people from their vehicle license plate number.

Boedeker also said he didn’t know that Wagner was stalking the female employee.

“I didn’t know this was going on and that criminal acts had been occurring,” Boedeker said earlier this week. “Police obtained a warrant last week and charged Mr. Wagner with the misdemeanor offenses (today).”

Stalking is punishable with up to one year in jail while improper use of the LEIN machine is a 93-day misdemeanor.

Roseville Detective Sgt. Keith Waller is in charge of the investigation. Boedeker said Waller signed the complaint.

Boedeker said that since the incidents involved a court employee, the judges in 39th District Court recused themselves and sent the case to 40th District Court.

Police said Wagner, who had been employed as probation officer in Roseville-Fraser for the past five years, was arrested at a monastery in Addison Township last Friday.

One source told The Macomb Daily that Wagner tried to commit suicide before he was subdued by Roseville officers and deputies from Oakland County.

A local attorney who asked to remain anonymous said Wagner was an excellent person to work with. He said Wagner always treated attorneys and their clients fairly.

“He was always very fair with me,” the attorney said. “Wow. I cannot believe this. This really makes me sick.”

Sources close to the investigation said Wagner dated the court employee. They said she ended the relationship and started dating a Roseville police officer.

Wagner then used the LEIN machine to find out the identity of the man the court employee was dating, court records indicate. He then allegedly stalked the woman and officer.

Lesson:  when judging others, be pleasant, kind and respectful.

Neil Rockind is a criminal defense and medical marijuana defense lawyer with the firm of Neil Rockind, P.C.  He is a highly claimed and decorated trial lawyer having received honors as a Super Lawyer, dbusiness Top Lawyer and a Top 100 Trial Lawyer.  Visit the firm’s websites to learn more about the work of Neil Rockind and Neil Rockind, P.C. Neil Rockind and Firm Medical Marijuana Practice and Neil Rockind.

– Neil Rockind


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