Royal Oak Cuts 5 Police Officers, but Spends Money Regulating Medical Marijuana

Royal Oak citizens need to re-examine some of their elected officials and whether they should be in office.   I just read an article in which the City of Royal Oak is cutting five (5) police officers from its force.  (link to the article here) I was shocked to read this.  Five officers is a lot.   What I found particularly troubling about this news was that the Royal Oak city leaders felt no qualms in spending the money to research the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, whether to pass local ordinances regulating patients and caregiver’s rights in Royal Oak, paying a law firm to assist in drafting the ordinance and then paying a private law firm, Secret Wardle, P.C., a large, expensive private law firm those ordinances in a civil lawsuit.  The cost of Royal Oak’s endeavor into the Medical Marijuana Wars will no doubt be in the tens of thousands of dollars . . . in other words, enough money to actually pay for other essential services, like police officers, etc.   I am not sure why Royal Oak chose to enter the Medical Marijuana Wars.  Was it Charles Semchena’s doing?  Semchena used to be a narcotics prosecutor in the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office and took up negotiating for the Board of Trustees for the Oakland Community College against the teachers and professors.  Was there another nefarious force behind the decision?  Sadly, they were warned that passage of an ordinance that limited the ability of caregiver’s to grow marijuana in the City would lead to a lawsuit.  They had advance warning . . . (I know because I warned them).

Where you receive notice that something bad will happen if you do something and you do it anyways, can you claim ignorance?  Royal Oak’s citizens and residents deserve better.  They deserve responsible decision-making and they didn’t get it.  Instead of having more money for police officers, they got a fancy Medical Marijuana ordinance, a lawsuit and a private law firm to defend it.  When some citizen calls 911 and there is a slow response time because there are too few officers, maybe the law firm getting the City’s money will respond instead?  I doubt it.  Royal Oak residents should doubt their leadership.

Neil Rockind is one of the lead counsel in Frizzo v Royal Oak, a fight over the city’s intrusion and interference with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and patients rights under the Act.


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