Neil Rockind in the News

Neil Rockind has represented Nina Backon for nearly one year. Backon, an attorney, made headlines and news when she was charged with bringing drugs into into the Oakland County Jail and giving them to her fiance who was also her client. During this year, Rockind fought for Nina at every turn. Motions, briefs, hearings, reams of paper . . . Nothing was spared in this firm’s defense of Backon. On Wednesday, the case came to an end and the Detroit News wrote an article about the case:

Attorney pleads guilty in jail smuggling case

Mike Martindale / The Detroit News

Pontiac— A 35-year-old Farmington Hills attorney has pleaded guilty to contraband and drug possession charges after smuggling drugs into the Oakland County Jail for her boyfriend.
Nina Backon made the plea before Oakland Circuit Judge James Alexander this week and is free on bond pending an April 27 sentencing date.

“I don’t know exactly what she is facing, but I hope the judge considers probation,” her attorney, Neil Rockind, said Thursday.
The charges stem from a visit at the jail last year following the May 2010 arrest of her boyfriend, Eric Edward Wilamowski, 23, also of Farmington Hills. At the time, Wilamowski was serving a 93 day sentence in jail for possession of drug paraphernalia.

On May 5, Backon represented herself as his attorney in order to visit him. At the end of their visit, police say, Wilamowski admitted to the deputies that Backon was actually his fiancee.
When deputies confirmed she was not his attorney of record, she was escorted out of the building and told she would no longer be allowed attorney visits.

Two days later she showed up with legal papers that she had filed as an attorney on his case. Suspicious deputies searched Wilamowski at the end of the visit and found six Xanax pills and 10 pouches of chewing tobacco. Wilamowski admitted Backon had brought the items to him.

Deputies obtained a search warrant for an address the pair shared after learning that Wilamowski was overheard telling Backon to take care of some marijuana growing materials at their home. Police found what they described as a “sophisticated grow operation” and charged the pair with marijuana offenses.
In December, Wilamowski pled guilty to drug charges and having contraband in the jail, and was sentenced to 183 days with credit for 75 days.
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