District Judge Says MMMA is Void – WRONG!

People v Brandon – Order denying motion to dismiss 03-07-11

Several judges in and around the metropolitan Detroit area have ruled on important Medical Marijuana Act issues.  I have been privy and had access to many of them.  Quite candidly, I have disagreed with most of them:  from the decisions disallowing medical use defenses, medical necessity defenses and similar rulings to those that encourage the use of forged and fraudulent patient cards by police officers, the opinions about the Act have not been helpful and encouraging.  When asked by a local group to characterize the bench’s reaction to the law, I have likened it to a wooden, rickety, rope bridge across a huge expanse — kind of like those seen in movies like Shrek, Romancing the Stone or Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom.

Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers are being turned away, turned down and rejected by the courts.   Never have I seen those whose job it is to enforce the law so determined to find reasons not to …

This particular opinion was authored by a judge who in ruling on simple marijuana possession cases refers to the Mexican drug cartels in Juarez, Mexico, etc.   I wonder if he’s been waiting to rule on a Medical Marijuana case?  Reading the opinion that he authored leaves me with the opinion that he has, but that is not the point.  He is entitled to his opinion . . . we all are.  But is it so hard to enforce the Medical Marijuana Act?   This isn’t Juarez.  This isn’t Mexico.  This isn’t Mexican marijuana.  This is Michigan Marijuana grown in Michigan grow rooms far removed from the Mexican drug cartels and druglords.  This law is about compassion towards patients and an understanding that marijuana is not evil.  There’s nothing to be afraid of except a new way of thinking and for some that is very scary.

The MMMA is Michigan law.  It is a good law.   Let’s encourage our elected officials to enforce and protect it.

Neil Rockind


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