Herbal Remedies and Judge Kuhn Opinion and Order

Opinion and Order to Bindover

Today we received Judge Kuhn’s long awaited opinion in the Herbal Remedies/Waterford Dispensary Case.  Judge Kuhn gave us an opportunity to cross examine the state’s witnesses and present our arguments but, to be honest, today’s decision was not a surprise.  Disappointing yes . . . surprising, no.  But, I fear not nor worry not.  One day, this case will be before a jury.  A jury of Matt Miller’s peers.  The prosecutor’s and courts know what I can do in front of a jury.  I’ve pulled bears out of thimble’s before — they’ll fight to keep me from the jury.  But we’ll get there and when we do — look out.

Neil Rockind, P.C. is one of Michigan’s leading criminal defense and medical marijuana defense law firms.   We are involved in some of the biggest cases of today, including a series of major Medical Marijuana cases.  We fight.

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Neil Rockind


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