Two Michigan State Police officers charged in embezzlement scheme | | The Detroit News

Earlier today, we were discussing whether a jury or judge would “buy” our client’s account of things.  The client said that the police didn’t have consent to search.  The client said that the police entered the house and took advantage of the time of day, the weather (freezing) and his state of undress (his bed clothes) and walked into his house without a warrant or consent.  “Kind of like Tessio in the Godfather being asked to enter the car for a ride . . . not a really a request.”  I’ve seen this before.  The police reports said something totally different — the police asked politely for consent to search and they wrote that our client gave it to them.  Not likely.  Not true.

The discussion led to my insistence that we challenge the search of the home.  Another of one us thought the jury would never “buy” that the police were lying.  As I was pondering those thoughts and the number of times that I have cross-examined police officers and demonstrated their unbelievability, I came across this article.

Two Michigan State Police officers charged in embezzlement scheme | | The Detroit News.

These are not just police officers.  These are state troopers.  Supposedly the “best of the best” and the “best trained”.  More importantly, these men were not just troopers but instead “they were Lieutenants” . . . in the command chain, these were higherup’s.  And they are criminals.

How many men have they put away?  How many juries did they testify to?  How often had they shown up in court with their crisp blue uniforms and turned to juries or judges and acted as though they were the last line of defense protecting society from becoming Sodom or Sin City.  One is too many . . .

There are good in every profession.  But there are bad in every profession.  Let’s stop “trusting the government” just because they are the government and actually start making the government earn our trust beyond a reasonable doubt.


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