The Law Is Changing

62 percent.   A baseball player would make the All-Star game if he hit 31 percent of the time that he came to the plate.  62 percent — unheard of.   So when the Michigan Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative passed in 2008 with 63 percent of the vote, the margin of victory and support was considered overwhelming.  It seemed that the controversy would be over and the issue put to rest.  But then an odd thing happened, the government fought back.  You read that right . . . the government fought back.   City councils, mayors, city attorneys, judges, prosecutors, police officers, etc. have resisted the MMMA.  Why?  For a year, I’ve been listening to the likes of the Hon. Jessica Cooper, the Oakland County Prosecutor, or others like Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard or others talk about how the general public, i.e., the voters, didn’t know that the bill would lead to this law.  I have been saying that these politicians don’t know what they’re talking about —  the public support has never waned or wanted on this measure.  So when one year later, after all of the press, media, reports, criticisms, complaints and claims of abuse, does the public still support the measure?  Yes.  And still by 61 percent of the population.  61 percent!  Did any of elected officials, city attorneys or others acknowledge this poll result?  No.

I bet not one ever received 61 percent of the vote for anything.   So of course, none of them know what its like to be that supported… regardless, I remain stunned at the level of hostility that the government reveals towards this law.  I know why I do what I do?  I defend.  I fight the government.  I unite families.  I bring parents home to their children and families.   I liberate.

Government officials:  why do you do what you do?

The times they are changing and NRPC, Neil Rockind, P.C. is leading the way.  The law is changing in other parts of the country, including possibly Massachusetts and New York.  Here’s a link.  Contact Officials – NORML.


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