Neil Rockind is a Cross-Examination Master

K.E. is a client of ours who was charged with Drunk Driving in Troy.

K.E. is also a foreigner who moved to Michigan from Jordan a mere 6 months before he was pulled over by Troy Police. As such, he speaks almost no English. It would take someone approximately 5 seconds worth of conversation with K.E. to determine that he doesn’t speak English. Despite this fact, the Troy police department had K.E. submit to both a preliminary breath test and a Datamaster breath test, even though they had not advised him of his breath test rights.

We are in the midst of challenging those breath test results because of the language barrier. Below is part of the amazing cross-examination of the arresting officer that Neil Rockind conducting at the Evidentiary Hearing.

This is a “Take No Prisoners, Losing is Not an Option, Win at All Costs, cross-examination.” This is what we do. This is who we are.

CLICK to read the Transcript

– Colin A. Daniels


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