Neil Rockind in the News | Protecting Medical Marijuana Patients from Cities, Townships and the Government

Neil Rockind, a Southfield attorney who said he represents qualified medical marijuana users in Royal Oak, threatened to take the city to court if the City Commission limits where caregivers can grow in the city.

In adopting the “Livonia Model,” the City Commission decided against four other options Gillam presented, including an unlimited timeline for an extension to the medical marijuana moratorium, originally set last spring.

“The debate about where, when or whether marijuana is good or bad, that debate is over,” Rockind told the City Commission during public comment. “I encourage you not to make the same mistake as Livonia, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, all of whom are spending valuable resources in a lawsuit. It’s an important time for this city, a progressive city, to be progressive and not reactionary. I certainly hope I see David Gillam in a casual setting and not on the steps of a courthouse where I hand him a lawsuit.”

Neil Rockind is a criminal defense and medical marijuana defense lawyer who has been acclaimed as one of the most gifted courtroom lawyers of our time. A Super Lawyer selection, dbusiness Top Lawyer selection, 944 Magazine Mover and Shaker are just some of the awards that he’s garnered over the years. Learn more at or


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