Neil Rockind, Criminal Defense Guru and Medical Marijuana Defense Lawyer vs All Comers!

This is war. I am loathe to use such a serious word with so many ramifications and repurcussions in this discussion/comment. I don’t want to get lumped together with the crazies, fanatics, overzealous, narrowminded lots that use words of war in pacifist times. That being said, this is war. I am on the battlefront. I am on the frontlines. The government and the powers that be are using all of their might to pursue and undermine the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and the compassionate caregivers and patients that lie at the center of the medical marijuana community. However I arrived here . . . I am here. I have vowed to defend this group, this community, these people and their desire to use marijuana as medicine. I don’t plan on losing. Anyone who knows me knows what I can do in Court. Come watch for yourself one day — I spill blood on the courtroom floor. But our opponents are powerful and they are waging war.

Jessica Cooper, the Oakland County Prosecuting Attorney, Michael Bouchard, the Oakland County Sheriff, Bill Schuette, the Attorney General, Charles Semchena, a former prosecutor who now sits on the Royal Oak City Commision, Sidney Lantz, a City of Southfield Councilman who some say has been around since Roosevelt was president but aren’t such which one, Teddy or Franklin, William Hampton, the City Attorney for virtually every monied city in Oakland County or so it seems and others. The list is long and full of powerful people who have the power and support to destroy a few lives or careers. I say “war” because groups in power fight wars with police forces, money, armies, troops, soldiers, scare and intimidation tactics, arrests, property forfeiture and propaganda. The first casualty of war is the truth. Cancer patients are being referred to as “potheads”. Caregivers as “drug dealers”. It is incredibly sad to see the resistance from the government against the people . . . the government is here to serve but here they just want servants.

This fight has spawned a whole crop of groups and acronyms:

The government’s: DEA, MDCH, OCPO, OCSD, MSP, AG, MML, MTA, NET.

The Medical Marijuana Community: MPP, MCCC, MMMA, MAAC, Sensible of Michigan, Marijuana, AMMAC, CPU, et al

Make no mistake about it, a war is being waged. The Medical Marijuana Act is brilliantly written. Its “vaguesness” is its majesty. Why? Because it is written to empower the people and the public. To limit government. It gives us wide berth to patients and caregivers so that they won’t get trappend and prosecuted and convicted for misunderstanding a narrow, specific term. But the government hates to have its power taken away — lilke a child who clings to his “blankey”. Try taking it away . . . they fight back for that symbol of power and comfort. The government is using its resources. I write about one of its weapons — one that I confronted and exposed the other day in court: Propaganda.

People come to watch me in court. That has been both a blessing and a burden. It means that I am entertaining, interesting. It means that I am prepared and ready when called on to do something in court. I am. If you like seeing words used during a cross examination of a witness to “draw blood” from the witness come watch. The other day, in the defense of a medical marijuana case in Waterford, Michigan, I cross examined a snitch/informant. I exposed the propaganda that the Oakland County Sheriff used when these guys were arrested.

The Oakland Press wrote about the confrontation thusly:

After being pummeled with questions from a prosecutor and six defense lawyers for about three hours, [Neil Rockind, defense attorney grilled] “B”, the informant/witness about his pet alligator. During an August press conference announcing the raids, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard told the media that the alligator was guarding a grow operation at one defendant’s home.

That alligator belongs to “B” and is about 18 inches long. “B” said the alligator lives in the basement of his Birmingham home in a manmade pond in a room with a door and is not close to the marijuana he grows as a caregiver.

[Rockind questioned the witness about the name of this ferocious guard/attack alligator] and learned that it was named Chubbs, the gator has small teeth and is owned legally as a pet.

The government and Bouchard made it out to be like an attack alligator was guarding this witness’ marijuana plants. I [Neil Rockind] revealed that to be untrue in every way… Chubbs, 18 inches, small teeth, in a different room. Be careful of the misinformation and propaganda.

To follow our battles, please visit us at, my personal blog,, our firm’s blog or To arrange for Neil Rockind to speak to the public, i.e., to book Neil Rockind for a speaking engagement, please take a look at our attached Press Kit and get with us.


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