Michigan bill would allow guns in churches, bars

Legislation to do away with the list of places where concealed weapons are banned in Michigan – including churches, arenas and bars – was introduced today in the state Senate.

Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, the bill’s sponsor, said the restrictions, enacted as part of a controversial change in concealed weapons law a decade ago which made licenses easier to obtain, are cumbersome and unnecessary.

More than ever before, it is a constitutional issue,” said Green, a key backer of CCW reform as a member of the House who was elected to the Senate last fall.

“Why do you need to give your constitutional right away when you go to some places?”

A companion bill would end the role of county gun boards in granting concealed pistol licenses, and turn those duties over to the Secretary of State. Green said some county gun boards continue to seek to thwart the intent of the CCW law to give ordinary citizens a presumptive right to be licensed to carry a concealed gun.

via Freep


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