Royal Oak Threatening to Ban Medical Marijuana

For those who don’t know, the City of Royal Oak has been known as a progressive community. But somewhere along the way, it elected some council members who are by no means progressive. Some of these politicians have only worked for the government — they have NEVER worked for or stood up for a individual person. Rather they represent or claim to represent imaginative and figurative groups, e.g., the People, the community, etc. Looking someone in the eyes and knowing that you’re accountable to him/her/them is different than representing a figurative group.

On Monday, Royal Oak will once again take up the issue of medical marijuana. These reactionary members will no doubt repeat what DEA statistics, engage in fear tactics and show pictures of synthetic drugs made by big Pharma, e.g., Marinol. I debated Sydney Lantz, the City of Southfield City Councilman recently — I PROMISED him that I’d sue Southfield if it limited a primary caregiver’s right to grow. I meant it. I will do the same in Royal Oak.

IF you threaten medical marijuana patients or caregivers, you will get sued. I will come to your courthouse. I will defend these patients and compassionate caregivers.

I guess we’ll battle on Monday. I hope that you, Royal Oak, will listen. I hope that you take me seriously. We will protect the patients.


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