Heartbroken in Livonia and at Neil Rockind, P.C.

Heartbroken in Livonia — In court, my firm and I have gone up against some of the best and toughest police officers around. That’s where those battles belong: in court. Our right to confront our accusers is limited to THE COURTROOM. Confronting a police officer on the street is something altogether different.

Some close friends of mine are police officers. Their families fear for them everyday. Recently, a Livonia Police officer was killed in the line of duty in Oakland County. This hit close to home at #Neil_RockindPC and to the #Neil_RockindPC family.

This confrontation has taken the life of a police officer but also devastated the lives of his family, friends, coworkers and an entire community. These folks are heartbroken in Livonia and our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

“Be safe out there.” G!d willing . .


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