[Oakland County] — Neil Rockind Gets Assault and Battery Reduced to Parking Ticket

Again, I find myself in trial preparation mode.  Pouring over files, thinking and imagining how the people in this real life drama were acting, feeling and thinking.  Thinking about what they would say when on the stand.   How I will once again try to save a life?  How I will once again get to the truth?   Unlike many of my contemporaries and peers, my law practice is not based on WHO we know . . . It is based on WHO we are and WHAT we believe in.  I believe in the fight.  Nothing valuable or worthwhile in life comes without a fight.   You’ve got to want it . . .

I want justice.  I was blessed with the skills, abilities, wits and physical attributes to tell my client’s story:  to get to the truth.  To get justice.  I was put here on this planet for just that undertaking.

Months ago, a client told me that he had been wrongfully charged in an assault case.  He was offended, hurt and angry.   Today he is less so . . . Assault and Battery, Fighting in Public.  Those offenses are dismissed.  A double parking ticket is what awaits him.   From jailable crimes to a parking ticket.   That’s what we do.  That’s what I do.  As Herman Edwards, the former coach of the New York Jets, said, “you play to win the game.  you don’t just play to play.  you play to win. ”


Neil Rockind, P.C. is a criminal defense firm in Southfield, Michigan.  You’ve met lawyers but not trial warriors or lawyers like us.  We try cases.  We play to win.  Contact us to discover the difference.  www.MichiganMedicalMarijuanaLawyers.comwww.lawyerswhowin.com


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