Neil Rockind was the ‘Driving Force’ behind Medical Marijuana Decision

Yesterday, the City of Southfield held a town hall meeting and the biggest issue at that meeting was weather or not to vote for and pass a medical marijuana ordinance that would have effectively and essentially limited medical marijuana growers to one building within the city. Further, the ordinance would have required that anyone who wished to grow medical marijuana and was willing to do so in the designated facility, would have been required to actually OPEN UP A BUSINESS within that facility.

The obvious chilling effect that such an ordinance would have upon medical marijuana patients and caregivers would be enormous. Most people that want to grow, are doing so for personal use and to require a personal user to actually open a business (!) would be absurd. Further, those that wanted to caregive would be in the same boat.

The realistic and practical effect would have been that people would be almost completely prevented from growing medical marijuana. Not to mention the privacy issues at stake when a city forces all medical marijuana growers to convene in a single spot. Plus, all aspects of the ordinance would be in complete contradiction to Michigan Law (which supersedes) and allows growers (both patients and caregivers) to grow in their own homes.

Neil Rockind refused to stand by and let Southfield pass such a ridiculously illegal ordinance. He attended the meeting and during the public comments portion, informed the City of Southfield council members that their ordinances would be illegal if passed, and further that our firm would not hesitate to immediately file a law-suit (just like we did against Bloomfield Hills) on behalf of some anonymous patients and caregivers within Southfield. Needless to say, the council members were not pleased at the possibility of a lawsuit (especially one filed by Neil Rockind.)

In the end, they took Neil Rockind’s willingness to stand up for medical marijuana patients to heart and ultimately voted unanimously against the Southfield ordinance.

Check out the story here: Southfield’s proposed medical pot district is a no-go

– Colin A. Daniels


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