Marijuana facility supplied drugs to dealers, COPS SAY


A Wednesday raid by Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies of the Oak Park sites of medical-marijuana entrepreneur Rick Ferris, 46, of Berkley was spurred by tips that it supplied drug dealers, county authorities said Thursday

Deputies seized $2,874 in cash, 14 pounds of marijuana, about two dozen marijuana plants and 10 pounds of baked goods supposedly containing marijuana from sites occupied by Ferris’ Big Daddy’s Management Group, Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe said.

The cash seized was far less than the $20,000 Big Daddy’s attorney Jim Rasor reported. He arrived during the raid and misled reporters, McCabe said.

“In the confusion, I misheard how much money it was,” Rasor said Thursday. Big Daddy’s employees meant $20,000 was “the amount of cash plus the value of everything taken in the raid.”

No arrests were made, but county authorities said they plan to make some soon.

via Freep



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