Medical marijuana zoning hearing today in Dexter

Dexter — Dexter residents are getting a chance to speak up on what their officials should do about medical marijuana businesses in the Washtenaw County community.

The Dexter Village Planning Commission holds hearings tonight at the Dexter Senior Center on proposed changes to the zoning ordinance. The new rules would regulate medical marijuana dispensaries in Dexter, a village of about 2,300 people 10 miles west-northwest of Ann Arbor. says afterward, the commission is expected to decide whether to recommend approval of the proposal to the village council.

Under the proposed zoning rules, marijuana dispensaries would need an annual permit that would be reviewed by the sheriff’s department. They couldn’t be closer than 500 feet to a library, a school or other marijuana dispensary.

The proposal also would ban smoking marijuana on site.

via Detroit News

Seems that Dexter (and Washtenaw County as a whole) is doing things the right way…Maybe Oakland County should get out a pad of paper and take some notes.

– Colin A. Daniels


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