Feds want Mich. records in medical-marijuana probe – chicagotribune.com

Sometimes, I hate to be right . . . I didn’t believe the Obama Administration’s promise via the Ogden Memorandum to back off the enforcement of marijuana cases in states where medical marijuana was permitted.   Wishful thinking . . . the number of marijuana cases, investigations and prosecutions continues to increase.  Federal prosecutors and authorities continue to investigate and prosecute in their heavy-handed, ham-handed ways.  The Ogden Memorandum is, in my opinion, a farce.   Obama’s promise to “lay off” is/was no more reliable than his promise to “discontinue the Bush tax cuts.”   I have read with disgust and disdain the goings on in Colorado and California.  Federal authorities and prosecutors pledging to prosecute officials in Oakland, California . . .

Today, Federal prosecutors in Michigan demonstrate that they don’t want to feel left out . . . they want the Michigan Department of Community Health to release the records of seven (7) patients.   You should write Barbara McQuade.  You should write Barack Obama.  You should write Carl Levin, Debbie Stabenow, your Congressman, etc.

Be afraid people, be very afraid.  Big Brother is watching, lurking and snooping.  They have no right to these records.  There are real problems in this country:  deficit, debt, spending, budget, North Korea, terrorism, Oil shortages, gas prices, ad infinitum . . . ad nauseam.  Real issues.  Real problems.  These problems do not lurk in Lansing or in the Department of Community Health records and files.

Neil Rockind of Neil Rockind, P.C. was asked to provide expert commentary on this subject and topic today.   Neil Rockind P.C. is leading the way in Medical Marijuana defense in Michigan.  Defending dispensaries, clinics, patients and communities from the heavy handed tactics of prosecutors, be it local, state or federal.   If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call us at 248.208.3800 or visit us at http://www.MichiganMedicalMarijuanaLawyers.com.



Feds want Mich. records in medical-marijuana probe – chicagotribune.com.


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